Switch Tip

This symmetrical Downhill board is designed with a new tri-concave profile 14 ply which gives you feet altimeter guides when you arrive at donf in a PIN, you reverse the TIP SWITCH to each descent to reduce conicity of the wheels without removing them. The low-slung central part fixed your foot definitely from the first meters. The monstrous undertray and 2 longitudinal rails allow you to graber in any stability. Digital routing to rabbet the sandwich has been designed for mounting the "nowave N 190" trucks; SWICH TIP lowbed and equipped with the "Nowave Road Burner" of 84 mm wheels becomes a beast of downhill freeride and beaming regardless of your speed and regardless of the State of the road. Switch Tip: speed is the key! SWICH TIP: the only board that takes riders who Canada's shoe source of 47.

* Length 103 cm
* Max 25cm width
* slight concave on each side
* Concave sorting centre
* Slightly lowered as a pendulum board
* 14 ply wood
* symmetric board ride in both directions
* In Top Mount it accepts any type of truck
* In drop hole possible Assembly only with the truck No. 190
* Oriented Downhill / freeride

switch tip in action