Neo 7.1

NEO 7.1
Often called the boards of this size slalom. We wanted to go further and offer you a concentrate of longboard, which raises certainly, but who likes also the speed and large curves. Our urban freeride concept wouldn't be complete without the ability to overcome obstacles. With its optional kit Speed Cube (hooks), you go to the third dimension! Curves, the speed, the slides and easy to raise and receive all-like jumps. Nothing is then closer to a ride on a snowboard, except that NEO 7.1 can be enjoyed on a daily basis. It is mounted in trucks to reverse geometry Randal II and wheels Abec11 zig zag 70mm, measure 71cm.

* Length 71 cm
* Max 20cm width
* light concave
* cambre
* 5-ply wood (Maple) 2 ply fiber
* Multi drilling front and rear to the truck also good old school than new school
* variable wheelbase for more or less reactivity
* Oriented Slalom / ride in town.
* Can be fitted with hooks

Video of the Neo with hooks