The KE127 is aimed at those who wish to support strong on their Board, with a lot of speed if conditions dictate. The landscape speeds up badly in the window of your full-face helmet, the stability of the KE127 is your peace of mind, his firm flex and its wheelbase of 1 meter do betray you not even when its wheels from 85 mm to gigantic development you propel at illegal speeds. It is a domestic monster who accompanies you to conquer large areas with unsurpassed comfort. It is mounted in trucks to reverse geometry Randal and wheels Abec11 Zig zag 70mm, measuring 127cm.
* Length 127 cm
* Max 23cm width
* cambre
* 7 ply wood / 2 ply fiber / 2 ply Titanal
* Multipercage front and rear variable wheelbase for more or less flex on the board
* Guided walking / Cruising / Carving / Downhill