Clark kent

Most of the long skate are of pintails, but CLARK KENT is much more than that. You'll be convinced after test as a new reference of its kind. Do you like the carving, the pleasure of modulating your curves to infinity. Sandwich NOWAVE put under your feet an unlimited energy source and offers unique sensations. If you have already done snowboarding in powder you'll love, otherwise, dare to ride the most reactive board of the market! It is mounted in trucks to reverse geometry Randal II and wheels Abec11 freeride centerset 72mm 81A, measuring 117cm.

* Length 117 cm
* Max 23cm width
* cambre
* 5-ply wood / 2 ply fiber / 2 ply Titanal
* Multipercage front and rear variable wheelbase for more or less flex on the board
* Oriented walking / cruising / carving