Alcatraz Diablo

It's still a cruiser, with the flex and the revival, but which also allows to venture into the field of tricks. The freeride urban concept when there is a bit of technique, a still active ride which gives access to the directory created by 50 years of history, culture and practice of the skateboard. It is mounted in trucks to reverse geometry. Randal and wheels Abec11 freeride centerset 72mm 81, 96 cm.

* Length 96 cm
* Max 22cm width
* light concave
* cambre
* 5-ply wood (Maple) 2 ply fiber
* Front and rear Multipercage to put the truck also good old school than new school
* variable wheelbase for more or less flex on the board
* Oriented walking / cruising / tricks through the tail to the back of the Board